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Competitive schools across the world integrate technology into the classroom in all subject areas. Our global society has changed over the past decade and some learners have gravitated toward video games, smartphones, tablets and their apps. It has now become the norm to see a toddler in a stroller learning or playing a game on a hand-held device.

As a progressive academic firm, we provide online programs for learners who wish to be educated from the comfort of their homes. The learner is paired with a private tutor specializing in the field of study. We offer live tutoring where the learner and educator interact one-on-one throughout the entire session.

Online tutoring can be a useful option for either the learner experiencing difficulty with the subject matter or the learner who feels unchallenged and would appreciate the opportunity to engage in an accelerated program.

Online sessions are purchased in 8 session packages. Discounts are offered for clients buying 16 or 24 hours at the time of initial purchase.

Please contact us if you need assistance deciding which tutoring option might be best for you/your family.